Travel Insurance

    Is it worth having Travel insurance?

    Why do I need travel insurance?

    Generally one of the first questions asked by bridal couples.

    Our reply was: Always, Always have travel insurance for your destination wedding.

    Whether getting married on St.Thomas or in the next state from where you live.

    Early on we teamed up with Allianz a global travel insurance company.

    It really happened when a bride called from a Puerto Rico in tears. The cruise line she was on, diverted from the Bahamas for some reason.  Her wedding was scheduled there and she was left high and dry with out a wedding day.

    She called on a Tuesday, the wedding was on Friday.  15 guest.

    Luckily our wedding calendar was open for the day she was to arrive in St.Thomas and we were able to plan a beautiful wedding.

    Travel insurance for a beach wedding.

    Plan your wedding but don’t forget the travel insurance

    But it was a lesson learned.

    Through the years we have seen too many cruise ships cancel a port of call or flight delays to not advise travel insurance.

    How does travel insurance work?

    Here are 5 reasons to make sure your wedding day is protected.

    Trip cancellation and interruption protection.

    In layman’s terms if you have an annual travel insurance from Allianz Global they reimburse you up to a set amount if you have to cancel or interrupt your trip for a covered reason.

    Such as getting sick or job lose or if a tornado, hurricane or something drastic happens to your house. You maybe able to cancel your planned wedding trip and get money back.

    Emergency medical coverage and emergency medical transportation.

    When overseas, health insurance is not always covered when supplied by your own plan. However if you have the Annual Deluxe Plan it includes emergency medical transportation along with emergency medical and dental benefits.

    Rental Car insurance.

    When renting a car don’t bother with extra insurance. You maybe covered on your Allianz Global plan.

    Lost or stolen Baggage coverage

    If your wedding dress happens to be lost you are covered.

    Delayed trip expenses.

    Canceled flights or cruises line cancellation causing your wedding day to be postponed. Check out Allianz Global.

    There are many plans and one Allianz can work with you to make sure you are covered.

    Make sure to ask questions and get all the information needed to make you destination wedding spectacular.

    Travel Insurance



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