5 reasons for Planning St Thomas weddings

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    Stress free St Thomas wedding planning

    5 reasons for Planning St Thomas weddings

    Planning St Thomas weddings

    For The past 15 years I had the pleasure of officiating and planning St Thomas weddings for destination brides and grooms. I can tell you it was a thrill and a learning experience.

    Planning St Thomas Weddings

    Planning St Thomas Weddings – Let us help with the petals, you get the guest and we will have a petal toss

    With a goal committed in understanding the perspective of bridal couples and being a generally curious person.  I sent out a questionnaire that they could answer before or after the wedding.

    One of the Questions on it was:

    Why did you choose to have a St Thomas wedding?

    Below are just five of the most popular responses. As you see, there is not really a number 1 answer.  They are all good legitimate reasons.  So in no order of preference here they are.

    1. We were able to plan a more intimate wedding without hurting any bodies feelings. The guest list was limited to family and close friends. Since it was a destination wedding our Business associates, distant or extended family were not invited.
    1. By making the wedding guest list short Tom and I were able to create a wedding that had meaning to us.  No stressing over menu, venue or entertainment to accommodate a large group of people for a formal wedding at home. It is a great way to reduce your guest list.
    1. We wanted our wedding to be different in a nice way. We wanted our wedding to stand out from the typical formal 4 hour event that would be forgotten the next day. A unique wedding, something that we and our guest will remember years from now.
    1. The cost of a wedding at home and a destination wedding far outweighed what we wanted to spend. We found out that we could have a week on a cruise ship or resort including the wedding,with family for what a wedding would cost us at home. Since we were from two different ends of the country the decision was to have quality time with our families before and after the wedding. Doing fun things together that was different from home.
    1. Planning a St Thomas wedding took a bit of letting go. We started planning a wedding at home only to be so consumed with small details, we switched to a St Thomas wedding and let the wedding planner decide on those details. Most of those details were ones that no one would even notice or care about. Our wedding planner discussed the colors we wanted the amount we wanted to spend, kind of food we wanted and ran with it.  We were kept informed, exchanged images and emails but changed very little of what she had arranged. We understood that it was her job planning ST Thomas weddings and our wedding was perfect.  Her advice and suggestions were spot on.(Deb was our Planner)

    Well I have since retired but those responses and thier reasons are still valid. There were a few more but we will save those for another time.

    Especially the one about the couple who didn’t want anyone to know they was getting married. Cant forget the time the groom was promised by his cultural ethnic parents to a bride since he was ten but he had other plans and loves.

    However if you decide you too would like a tropical wedding take a look and compare what the Virgin Islands has to offer for St Thomas and also for St John, the love city islands has some great ones wedding planners.

    Til later


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