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    Custom Beach weddings in the U S Virgin Islands of  St Thomas or St John

    Arriving via cruise ship? Staying at a hotel or villa either on St. Thomas or St John in the  U S Virgin Islands?
    You probably already know that beach weddings are the most tropical, romantic, stress free ways to celebrate love.

    We are here to give you the free lowdown on where, when and how to have a romantic marriage.

    Custom Beach weddings can help match your destination wedding with a venue that will fit the day, week, month of any date and time.

    Not all beach weddings locations are good for every day of the week.  In the tropics you will find that trade winds, tides and location of the sun should be taken into account when picking out a venue.  Especially for beach weddings. To get a good idea of where the beach wedding venues are located on St Thomas take a look at our map of St Thomas Beaches. It also shows where the courthouse is . 

    Find Wedding venues for perfect beach weddings with Custom Beach wedding directory

    Beach Weddings on St Thomas or St John find the best beaches for your special wedding day.

    Also local holidays are always taken into consideration when planning beach weddings.   We have all the holidays covered and most of all, can you give alternative locations if your first choice is a not going to work.

    Luckily we here in the Virgin Islands on St Thomas and St John have many major beaches along our sun-drenched coasts that provide perfect beach weddings locations.

    This guide contains the most popular beaches for St Thomas weddings and St John weddings.

    My advice is to also check with your photographer and or wedding planner for suggestions.

    St Thomas Virgin Islands beach wedding venues.

    St John Virgin Islands beach wedding venues. All located in the National Park. There is a fee and permit requirement.
    Usually the wedding officiate or wedding planner takes care of both.


    Destination beach wedding.

    Small intimate wedding or larger formal wedding. We have all the vendors to help you create the perfect wedding


    Small intimate wedding or larger formal wedding. We have all the vendors to help you create the perfect ceremony . Even if you hire a wedding planner, this guide will help you understand what to ask for and what to expect.

    Remember it is sometime economical to take care of what you can on your own.   Then have a wedding planner to coordinate your special day. Either way contact the St Thomas  Courthouse to check holidays and to download the most current marriage applications.

    Looking for ideas to have with a Beach Wedding . There are five of them listed to get you going.






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