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    5  Beach Wedding upgrades [with photos]

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    5  Beach Wedding Upgrads Worth Adding to a

    Wedding Package

    Oh MY Goodness.  Here are just 5 upgrades that can be added to any wedding package.

    This is soo much fun.  The florist use to say that I took the wind out of their sails. I was so excited about informing bridal couples about what they could have (and in my mind should have ) for up graded items on their perfect wedding day.  They had nothing left to add. ( I always thought that was an exaggeration.)

    If you are a Bride and Groom looking for the perfect beach venue look here.

    If you are a wedding couple looking for a photographer this is the place.

    However if you are looking for ideas to add to your wedding day keep reading right here.

    My 5 best suggestions for upgrades

    1. Wedding cakes served at beach weddings.  A perfect example to add as an upgraded items to any wedding package and a special way to add some memories to your wedding day.  Go wild, pick a cake that you really want. Chocolate? Go for it (I did).  Confetti? I had a few requested and they turned out wonderful. Fruit filling between layers ? That is just yummy. St Thomas and St John of the US Virgin Islands kind of yum.  My point is unless you are really a traditional couple go for the gusto.
    special requested cake for beach wedding

    Special request on this decoration but it worked and the bridal couple loved this extra at the beach wedding on St Thomas

    wedding package for a beach wedding up grade for wedding cake

    Your cake, your beach wedding day. you pick the flavor, the color and the romance.

    2. Arches

    Love the look of bamboo arches.

    Another way to get some tropics in your wedding is to add additional palm fronds or bouquets to your arch.

    They would be upgrades but sure make the images stand out.

    Extra arch and color theme as a up graded items

    An up graded items would be an Arch to build your theme and color choices for a beautiful wedding day.

    Wedding package arch with flowing white fabric

    wedding package bamboo arch upgrade for a St Thomas wedding

    3. Of course what is a toast to good life with out something to toast with.

    who says a toast has to be champagne. Tropical rum punch taste great and was way more  fun. Don’t get me wrong but this wedding package upgrade could just make a fantastic weddings even more fun.

    Wedding package arch with flowing white fabric

    Cannot really congratulate without a toast. Perfect upgrade to add. The coconut shells were really fun! Such a great way to tie in a St Thomas tropical wedding theme.


    Sunset beach wedding view of champagne toast and Bridal bouquet

    Beach wedding toast to seal the wedding ceremony

    4 Chairs for guest. It not only gives the guest a place to be but also defines the aisle 

    St Thomas Wedding Planners up graded items for your wedding day.

    St Thomas Wedding Planners up graded items that can be added to any wedding package

    5 My favorite – Up Graded transportation.

    Now anyone can get a limo and everyone does as one of the upgrades. But wouldn’t be fun to change it up a bit?

    Helicopter arrival to a beach wedding

    Wedding package upgrade to a st Thomas beach wedding via helicopter.

    What a surprise for your guest and fun too when you arrive via helicopter. I have also had couples use motor cycle, horse and wave runners. (Not is the same wedding)

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