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    Destination Beach Weddings

    Video of Real Destination Beach Weddings

    Video Alert below of several beautiful beach wedding examples.

    What about destination beach weddings? How soon after the thrill of getting a ring or being engaged wears off does and the fun of spreading the engagement news dies down. Does the Bridal couples begin the  next step of setting a date and planning a wedding?

    But what type of wedding, formal, informal,adventure, traditional or maybe eloping?

    You will have so many options to explore and debate.

    Over the years we have fielded tons of questions from bridal couples asking a variety of questions.  One of the most popular questions was.   What really are destination beach weddings?  Think about it.  Most people never knew about destination weddings.  Flying to an island to be married on the beach was a concept foreign to many Mid westerners.  Heck it was and still is foreign to many parts of the country.

    We spent major a  part of our introductory conversation with bridal couples convincing them and yes St Thomas, St John are really really part of the United States.

    Yes we take U S dollars and no, a passport is not needed.

    So it came as no surprise to us to answer questions such as:

    • What should I expect a beach wedding to look like?
    • What’s proper for a destination wedding?
    • How formal can I make my beach ceremony?
    • Is it proper to invite guest or not have guest?
    • Is it possible to have a wedding in the tropics relaxing and stress free?
    • Are we going to get robbed? (Well maybe was only asked a couple of times on this one)

    Aside from wedding budget questions, bridal couples need and should have a good sense of what a ceremony on the beach is really like.  So it was an important part of their beginning wedding planning. It is hard to even created a wedding budget until you know what type of wedding  you want.

    It would be terrible to spend money and time, planning the most important day of your life, only to find out, you hate walking on sand, or don’t want the trade winds blowing your veil or salt water is really salty. Maybe destination beach weddings are not you cup of tea.

    If you didn’t like it neither would we .

    Making a bride happy was our goal and is the goal of every wedding planner, photographer, caterer or any wedding vendor.  It has to be, their business depends on it. View video below or if ready view wedding vendors listed in our directory for St Thomas. 

    St John wedding vendors.

    We did a bit of research. Contacted a few bridal couples that we planned their weddings for on St Thomas and St John in the Virgin Islands.

    We inquired why Destination Beach Weddings?

    To our surprise and delight, they talked about our video of past weddings.  As a result bridal couples were viewing the video while exploring options.

    Many of the brides and grooms in this video are still in contact with us.

    We love to see how their life progressed and they love to see our travels.

    I remember as Gary was creating the video, we talked about how these images convey what  St Thomas or St John destination beach weddings should be like.

    A wedding whether it be a destination wedding or a stay at home local wedding. Should be happy carefree and romantic. Because bridal couples should have spontaneous moments where they are living Life that is to be enjoyed moment by moment. Destination beach weddings bring out the happy in couples, the joy of living the life.

    Finally , I hope you get a good idea of what a beach weddings is from our bridal couples enjoying the day.

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