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DIY a St Thomas wedding

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Guess what Beach Weddings by Deb is changing?

Since we’ve launched our Beach Weddings by Deb website for St Thomas weddings 15 years ago. We’ve been showing the world how easy, exciting and beautiful it is to get married in the U S Virgin Islands.

We have created weddings for over 1000 bridal couples.

Now it is time we retire and move on to new adventures.

In doing so , we’re happy to announce another great leap:

A new, completely designed, DIY eBook with information that will walk you through creating the wedding of your dreams and be cost-effective at the same time.

You will have the opportunity to research and choose the elements for your wedding.

Let me walk with you on the shore

Let me walk with you on the shore

Designed with both ease of use and functionality in mind, the E Book will list the best vendors for everything from cake to flowers.


Who to contact for each of the vendors, locations, advice for time of day, time of year.

Best of all, the vendors listed on this eBook, are not compensating us in any way, shape or form.

That way we can present an unbiased eBook of information.

We are essentially cutting out the middle man.

No more running searches on the internet and hoping if you picked the right vendor.

It is a common practice for vendors to recommend other vendors who in return will pay them a fee.

There are hotels on the island that have an approved vendors list.  To get on the list you must pay a fee.

That is why you are approved, not based on talent or product.


In our book you will find but not limited to. ( Once I get going about wedding I go on and on.)

  • Our selected list of vendors
  • Working with island vendors.  Best way to contact them and when.
  • Learn the ins and outs of what to expect and is possible at venue
  • Which beaches , offer the best specifics for your wedding day.
  • Tips on what to wear and what to expect from this beautiful island of St Thomas.


Each wedding company has its own set of requirements.  Ours has always been the bridal couple comes first.  This is your wedding day.

This E Book will allow you to be as specific as you want to be while creating a beautiful wedding day.

Learn, why knowing about the culture of the island is important to help you plan your day.

  • When to book, how to book your wedding with different vendors.
  • How far in advance
  • How to fill our marriage license and mail it in.  Tips of the trade.
  • How large of a wedding can I plan without a wedding planner.
  • What does island time really mean.

Whether you decide to plan your whole wedding or just pick the options that will save you money.

The choice is yours.

This eBook will detail what to ask your vendors, so there is no miss-understanding on your special day.

It will also detail, what your vendors need to know from you, to be able to plan appropriately.

Steel drummer for your wedding

Find out how to plan your day so no surprises pop up.  How to budget and talk rates with vendors.

Tips on how you, from anywhere can plan a wedding without being here.

Let me tell you a secret, many planners are not even on the island, when planning weddings.  What they do have is a list of tried and true vendors that they can count on.

This is stuff I’ve been slowly and painfully learning for ages and that no one tells you. So I want to tell you. If I had all this information when I started Beach Weddings by Deb it would have been sooo much easier!