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St Thomas full service wedding planner.

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St Thomas full service wedding planner.

Wow it is hard to believe I wrote this blog in 2015.  Since then a lot has happened.  One is I have retired from one of the best job I ever had.  But duty called and I must follow.

In spite of retiring I have decided to keep on making beautiful wedding days for couples planning on a St Thomas wedding.

Below should give you an idea of what a wedding planner does, some but not all go to the lengths that Beach Weddings by Deb did.  Some promises are full filled some ideas not materialized.  All in all selecting a wedding planner is a very personal choice.

If you decide that you would like to plan your own wedding maybe I can help.

I have created a guide for Do It Yourself destination weddings on St Thomas.  I am a firm believer of Customer service and in the last 15 years have selected the best that St Thomas has to offer for wedding vendors.

After purchasing the guide you decide to get a planner well, at least you will know what to ask, how to plan and where to go.    

Ever wonder what full service really means? To us it means we go great lengths to make sure your wedding day goes off with out a hitch. Since we only plan one wedding a day, we can take the time to make sure every detail, even the bow on your dress is perfect.

Our intention is for you to know, that the person planning your wedding, will be at your wedding.

Personal attention, customer service so simple.

We try to make your wedding as inclusive as possible. How does that work? We customize your wedding to fit your wishes so that when you arrive on your wedding day all the details are done. Beach Weddings by Deb makes it easy and stress free. For instance we don’t just walk or assist you through the marriage license applications and processing. We also file them for you at the courthouse. When you arrive to pick them up all fees will be paid in advance. Your courthouse visit just went from 30 min down to 10 min. So stay at one of our local hotels or arrive by cruise ship. Our plan is to help you plan a wonderful,happy day..  Make your dream wedding come true

Under the arch at a beach wedding ceremony

We can take the time to make sure all of your wedding details are completed and ready for your wedding day