Cheap Destination Wedding Packages for St Thomas

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    Elopement wedding on Magene Bay St Thomas wedding

    Cheap Destination Wedding Packages for St Thomas

    5 Cheap Destination Wedding Packages  on St Thomas

    I am here to tell you about some affordable, inexpensive, cheap destination wedding packages  for a  St Thomas wedding and how to celebrate your romance and love with an affordable beach wedding.

    If you have been searching for the cheap destination wedding package with the best bang for your buck, look no further. No matter what you call it, the meaning is the same.

    We are going to explore five affordable wedding package options.

    Five different wedding companies, for a St Thomas elopement or renewal.  This information will give you a good idea of the when, where and how to get married and have a honeymoon at the same time. Because where else but in the Virgin Islands can you have a stress free tropical wedding ceremony?

    If you are a bridal couple looking to have a formal wedding and reception with more than 10 guest. Ill be honest, this is not the article for you. Elopements, renewal and intimate wedding ceremonies is the topic here. But knowledge is power and feel free to follow along if you like.

    Start out with the basics of researching a destination wedding.

    Just like the horse and carriage.  Budgets and weddings go together.  You can’t have one without the other. (Who of you just sang that last sentence?).

    Being on a budget does not have to mean a  cheap  destination wedding,  in the sense you are entitled to an affordable wedding package within budget that makes your day and ceremony special.

    But when it comes to planning a romantic ceremony it can be quite time consuming. Destination weddings can be hard to organize, especially if you are working on a tight budget and need an affordable  destination wedding package. Remember there is a difference, at least in my mind,  between cheap wedding package and an affordable wedding package. (Never did like the words cheap wedding Package but it seems to be the new in word).

    cheap destination wedding or Elopement on St Thomas Magans Bay Beach Virgins Islands

    To help couples that are planning an elopement or renewal and just need the basic services, I have compiled a list of basic less expensive wedding packages. These are wedding packages found on St Thomas wedding websites along with the wedding vendors who supplies them.

    These packages are for ceremony only and can usually be for bride, groom  but check to make sure if they include any guests.

    I found five cheap destination wedding packages that are ideal for the budget-conscious couple.

    That very special bridal couple that want to get married with a romantic topical back drop, special memories and intimate ceremony.

    But remember, when looking for cheap destination weddings. Instead of getting stuck on price, focus on the quality of service.  A vendor can have the lowest price and the lowest quality of work too.  A vendor can also promise the stars but delivery is another thing.

    Consider your wedding vendor as part of the team.  Communicate often and openly of what you envision on your wedding day. Check out reviews communicate any concerns.

    As a retired wedding planner that did hundreds of  St Thomas weddings.  I used one of my very popular elopement wedding packages as the criteria of what elements could be included.

    Each of the wedding vendors listed, I am familiar with and know they do an excellent job.

    Just remember take in to account that there may be additional fee’s, such as courthouse marriage license fees which are $200.00 and beach site fee’s $100.00 for public beaches. However ask about the  free  beach wedding sites to choose from too.

    Brewers Bay Beach St Thomas U S Virgin Islands.

    Brewers Bay Beach St Thomas U S Virgin Islands. Great winter sun set wedding venue.

    You can also view the St Thomas wedding venue sites here.

    Flowers, cake and toast and professional photography at ceremony site are offered as an ala-carte or higher priced packages. Get ideas of what you can add to your wedding package here.

    Check with vendor to verify everything you are requesting is included in the package or added to it.

    Check over contract to make sure there are no miscommunications.

    Five Affordable  Cheap Destination wedding packages

    Elements of Wedding PackageFlawless Weddings and EventsSt Thomas Wedding OfficiateIsland Bliss WeddingsWeddings The Island WayIsland Wedding Services
    Court House fee included



    Assistance filling out formsYesNoYesYesYes
    Process applications at courthouseYesNoNoyesNo
    Transportation to courthouse /venueNoAdditional $50.00YesYesYes
    certified copies of marriage license sent to home12211
    Coordinator at ceremonyYesNoYesYesNo
    Wedding day itineraryNoNoYesNoNo
    Unlimited email, telephone supportYesNot statedYesYesYes
    Two witnesses if neededYesNoNot statedyesNot stated
    recorded musicYesNoNoNoYes
    Non-Professional photographyNoNoNoNoYes
    Package includes GuestsNoNo4 people totalNo

     There are several other wedding planning companies on St Thomas but they do not have packages listed. If you have the time check them out also. Vendors can contact me with the information and I will include it.

    As you see I did not put them any order.

    For each couple it is a matter of their own preference whether it be price or elements included.

    To find an affordable,cheap destination wedding package you would like more information on,  just click on the name of the company.



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