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    Looking for some fun things to do?

    Welcome! Here in the Virgin Islands there is a popular saying.  “Soon Come”.

    Well your fun will be soon come, as soon as you arrive.

    There are so many fun and adventurous activities to choose from on St Thomas or St John. The difficulty will be deciding what not to pick.

    The history of  Pirates and the Virgin Islands seem to be fun for all ages and both islands had their share of pirate lore.

    According to the National Parks website:     At one point, St. Thomas harbor was blockaded and plundered by the notorious pirates of Tortuga. Our neighbors across the (Sir FrancisDrake Channel, the British Virgin Islands, were originally taken from Dutch pirates.

    The best known list of pirates that were operating in the islands is long. A few notable ones include Captain Kidd, Jean Hamlin, Stede Bonnet, Tempest Rogers, Bartholomew Sharp, and Black Sam Bellamy. My best Pirate Stories I like is that just off the east end of St. John is Norman Island (named for a pirate), the setting for Robert Louise Stevenson’s Treasure Island and nearby is Stevenson’s Dead Chest Island. The archaeology of piracy in the park is underway and we have found two sites that just may very well be 17th century pirate hideouts.

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    Because some of you many want something a bit less history and more action. Visit the zip line and fly among the treetops with views that are spellbinding.

    Of course there is the snorkeling, swimming and beach sitting at any of the turquoise water and white sand beaches of both St Thomas and St John. You can view the beach locations and get an idea of what to expect from our St Thomas beach map.  Heck start at one end of the island and visit them all.

    Most of all what is nice. is that it is just a short ferry ride from one island to the other.

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    Need help getting there. We have ya covered.

    list of Taxi and transportation information while on the island.

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    Day Charters – Fun things to Do!

    Enjoy the best tropical scenery, warmest waters and bluest sky.

    All Day Charters have a home port of either St Thomas or St John.  However each charter will explain the logistics of locations to board or some will pick you up at designated docks.

    Check to see if the day charter you are interested in will help in arranging transportation of you and guest.

    Make sure when arranging a booking that you as a passenger confirm embarkation and debarkation times.

    This will help clarify what you are charting and times for transportation back to cruise ship or lodging.

    Finally verify what is included :Drinking water, lunch, snacks, alcoholic beverages,snorkel gear or  dive gear.

    Bring towels, sunscreen and swim suites.

    Day charters rate right up there for one of the fun things to do.  Often described as a life time experience of which everyone should do.

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