Where is St Thomas of the U S Virgin Islands?

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    Where is St Thomas of the U S Virgin Islands?

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    General Information for St Thomas of the U S Virgin Islands.

    Where is St Thomas of the U S Virgin Islands? Find some good to know general information for St Thomas. Be the person who can answer who what when and where..

    • Population of territory: 101,809 (1990 census).
    • Official language: English.
    • St. Thomas: 48,166.
    • St.  John: 3,504.
    • Currency: U.S. Dollar.
    • Citizenship: American.
    • Electricity: 110 volts.
    • Television: NTSC (U.S. standard).
    • Mail service: U.S. Postal Service ~ same postal rates apply.
    • Largest freeport in the Caribbean with $1,200 duty-free allowance.

    St Thomas – 32 square miles of mountain, sun, sand and surf. 13 miles long and 3 miles wide.

    Time Zone: St. Thomas US VI falls into the Atlantic Standard Time, four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time and one hour ahead of major east coast cities like New York.

    Driving: Driving in St. Thomas US VI is done on the left hand side of the road, while most cars have their steering wheels on the left-hand side, as in North America

    Greetings are so important in the Virgin Islands. Good morning , good day, good evening is the proper way to greet anyone upon entering a room, taxi or any group.


    We will do our best to find a secluded beach for your wedding

    We will do our best to find a secluded beach for your wedding

    Important wedding planning information

    How to apply for a marriage license on St Thomas

    Information on applying for Marriage license in the U S Virgin Islands.

    Have questions about obtaining a marriage license for a St Thomas wedding or a cruise ship wedding? it’s easy and we are here to help.

    St Thomas is one of the most tropical and beautiful islands in the world – a perfect spot for the beach wedding of your dreams.

    Follow our easy tips to apply for a St Thomas marriage license.

    • No blood test needed
    • No passport needed for a St Thomas wedding or to travel to the U S Virgins
    • No on island waiting period needed.
    • Certified check or money order needed. $200.00 fee
    • Fill out the forms
    • Each couple needs for a wedding on St Thomas to complete both of forms an Application of Marriage and a License and Certificate of Marriage
      Follow these steps to apply for your marriage license.
    • Use your full names and no abbreviations. Document will be notarized by Virgin Islands court.
    • Print out the forms and fill out in black ink or fill out on the computer.
    • All  documents should be sent Express with tracking via U.S. Postal service.
      You must include Court Certified Copies of a Divorce or Death Certificate (if applicable). Court certified copy means that a notarized seal from the courthouse that issued the divorce is on the last page of the Divorce Decree. Do not confuse this with notarized copies; they must have the raised seal from the court house on the last page.

    When picking up your marriage license you will need a picture ID. This is the only time you will have to go to courthouse and it takes about 10 min if processed correctly.

    Each bridal couple must pick up their own marriage license, in person, from the Court house in St. Thomas prior to their wedding day. Please wear street clothing, no shorts,sundresses or swim suits.

    Photo ID is required before the license is released to you.
    You will be asked to sign copies of the license and sign the court house log of wedding applicants.

    You will then receive the applications back to be competed by the officiate .

    Upon completion of the wedding ceremony, the officiate will make sure your witnesses sign the applications.

    They will then deliver the signed applications back to the court house to be notarized by the court official. The certified copies are then mailed to your home address.

    What is the length of Time needed to plan a St Thomas wedding?
    We get that question every day and for each couple it is a different answer based on their plans and circumstances.

    The U S Virgin Islands request to have the marriage documents 8 days prior to the ceremony. How ever we have done it in less time if in the military or under extenuating circumstances.

    Most cruise ship companies require 30 to 90 days, so 8 days is a really nice bonus when in a hurry.

    Many  wedding planners upon request will do short notice elopements and renewals.

    We also have the history of working with vendors that will go the extra mile to help when needed.

    What should the Groom wear to the wedding?
    Remember you are in the tropics.Heat index temperatures can reach over 100 degrees in the summer time.

    I always suggest linen shirts and pants for the men.When getting married on St. Thomas or St. John formal wear, such as tuxedos usually make the groom and his attendants look hot and uncomfortable.

    This causes pictures to be hurried and looking like they had a bad night out. Take a peek at my Pinterest board to get some ideas.

    What should a Bride wear to a St Thomas beach Wedding.
    We say, what ever she wants too. In fact our Pinterest board is loaded with suggestions. Can you tell we are excited about this one too?

    How far in advance do we have to reserve Beach Weddings ?
    The sooner the better, Of course the busiest time is from January through July.

    Where is St Thomas of the U S Virgin Islands?

    Travel info for out of town guests should be given?

    Think about what you’d need to know in order to plan a trip and provide this for your guests so that they don’t need to do lots of legwork: accommodation options (and any negotiated discounts), convenient airports or  driving directions or public transportation options from the airport to your wedding location, etc. If you have guests coming from overseas, it is helpful to provide information about regional airlines or car rental companies as these may differ from country to country

    What if I am arriving by cruise ship?
    St Thomas specializes in cruise ship weddings. Your wedding officiate or wedding planner should have transportation waiting for you at the dock. Your schedule will first include a courthouse, stop to pick up wedding applications in person. From then on,with the help of your vendors everything will be taken care of for you to have the wedding of your dreams at a location of your choosing. Flowers, wedding cake, receptions, tours, day trips can all be arranged by visiting our Vendors list


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