Grooms Wedding Attire

     A Grooms wedding attire should be special, cool and comfortable but stylish.

    Grooms wedding attire

    The Grooms wedding attire should help to keep his focus on his bride not how uncomfortable he is.

    Nothing is sexier than a happy,relaxed Groom. Smiling, sure of himself ,standing tall while waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle. A grooms wedding attire should reflect this image.

    As an officiate, I have stood by sooo many grooms on their wedding day. But I gotta tell you, not all  grooms were relaxed and smiling.

    Truth be told, they were a hot sweaty mess. Struggling in 90 degree sun, some in suits and yes a couple grooms in black Tuxedos.

    Destination beach weddings are not really traditional weddings they are  “beach weddings”.

    I going to be blunt here.

    Bridal couples. If you are getting married in the tropics? Take note.

    A grooms wedding attire should not be a black Tuxedo.Unless you are getting married in an air conditioned building,

    Your Wedding photography is too important to have a sweaty,uncomfortable groom.

    His mind should be on the wedding ceremony, more importantly his mind should be on the you the Bride.

    Which is really hard to do when all he can think about is getting out of the jacked and jumping in to the water.

    What should he wear you ask?

    Light colors should make up a grooms wedding attire.

    the whole idea is to make a wedding groom feel comfortable light and happy.

    Maybe no tie open collar, maybe rolled up sleeves. Depends on how casual you want to go.

    In place of a jacket the Grooms wedding attire could be a vest with either a button up shirt or not.


    Grooms wedding attire with a vest

    Spice things up and wear a special boutonniere or a tie and vest.

    Select bright accents to offset if he is wearing cream or light Grey. Get creative with fancy bow ties, suspender and more.

    Linen trousers or if very causal wear shorts.

    There really is no limit to a Grooms wedding attire and it should  be fun, sexy, comfortable and amazing.
    These are budget friendly and well, I think sexy too.
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