Health Wellness and a Tattoo too Spas

    Health and Wellness in U S Virgin islands

    Health and Wellness feeling fit and happy in the Virgin Islands

    Health Wellness and Tattoo’s too

    It’s all about getting  Health and Wellness While in the islands.

    Relax and have fun. Learn the arts of yoga and meditation while on vacation or celebrating a your honeymoon.

    Find here a  list of spa, and locations with our vendor directory on Custom Beach Weddings. We know that vacations are not just beaches and weddings.

    Set up a wedding party yoga session at your favorite location. We have them listed and some will come to you.

    A great wedding party idea to make sure everyone is relaxed and ready for the big day.

    As for me I’m thinking of getting a compass rose tattoo.

    Get a couples tattoo or spend a day together at a Health Massage & Wellness spa  in a tropical setting.

    What could be more relaxing than a spa day or more exciting than getting a tattoo while on your honeymoon or vacation?

    St Thomas Locations Health and Wellness



    St John Locations Health and Wellness


    After your spa visit take in the natural beauty of the islands with some activities.

    St John activities and attractions.

    St Thomas activities and attractions.

    Search what you are looking for!