Helicopter wedding on a private island

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    Hans Lollick Private Island

    Helicopter wedding on a private island

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    Virgin Islands Helicopter Weddings

    Have you ever dreamed of a private island for a secluded, intimate, romantic ceremony?  Picture the two of you being whisked away for a helicopter wedding to a pristine tropical palm tree backdrop for your matrimonial experience that will be treasured for a life time
    Stay with me because I have information for one of the most ultimate romantic, adventure weddings possible.
    But first: How does your wedding day begin?

    By you either arriving for a St Thomas wedding via cruise ship or staying on island.

    Arrive to your Private helicopter by comfortable, reliable and stylish limo or Taxi.

    Hans Lollik Helicopter weddings from St Thomas

    St Thomas Virgin Islands Helicopter weddings

    Whether you bring your own officiate picked from our vendor list or have one recommended by Caribbean Buzz your friendly St Thomas Helicopter Company.
    You will not be disappointed.

    St Thomas Helicopter wedding venue

    St Thomas Helicopter wedding venue

    My two cents and words of advice:
    Bring a photographer.

    If you are going to spring for this once in a life time experience, don’t skimp on this.

    Helicopter weddings couple on private island

    Helicopter weddings from St Thomas

    This can be a do it yourself elopement easy enough.

    • The islands are private, beautiful, secluded. However they have no facilities so be prepared.
    • You have options to fly back to St Thomas after ceremony or schedule a later pick up.
    • This would be a great time to have a picnic lunch prepared, wine, blanket, sun screen, and water.

    You might want to bring a change of clothing or bathing suites.

    Or make it completely stress free and hire a wedding planner.

    Beach wedding on a private island Helicopter weddings

    Helicopter weddings to secluded, beautiful beach

    This location is one of the last beaches close to St Thomas where you can find peace and tranquility. No hustle and bustle day charters or cruise ship passengers.
    Do we guarantee it will be private?

    Cannot, but the chances of meeting more than one or two people at the far end of island are a lot better than the crowded public beaches of St Thomas







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