St John U S Virgin Island Beaches

    St John U S Virgin Island Beaches

    Breaking news.

    (April 12,2018 )I would be remiss if Irma and Maria were not discussed here and how they effected St John Beaches.  Those two hurricanes took a toll on all of the Virgin Islands. However St John being a National Park and very much in a natural state did take a bit more of a hit to the natural habitat. Some of the full grown trees have disappeared but there is still plenty of green growth and beautiful hill sides. New palm trees have  been planted and building are being worked on as you read this.

    With that said the beaches are still full of white beautiful sand and the water is turquoise.

    The hiking trails have all opened and the bluffs overlooking the water are breath taking.

    Buildings and roofs can be replaced.  The natural growth of trees will take a bit longer, yet St John is still a tropical paradise.

    The beaches within the park do not have all the amenities they once had. No showers, campgrounds or restrooms.

    There are portable rest rooms at some of the beaches.

    Which leads me to what this website is all about.

    Beach Weddings. 

    Almost every bride and groom wanted was an option to have a secluded beach wedding ceremony venue. Since all beaches in the Virgin Islands were public it was a request we could not guarantee to accomplish. Since Irma and Maria now would be the time if you are looking for a less crowded (dare I say it secluded) tropical beach.

    Now is the time to enjoy the beaches without having to dodge crowds or other beach goers.

    Now is the time to have that special beach wedding , renewal, elopement on a white beach , crystal clear water venue.

    Just saying!

    Now back to our normal program.

    Since the North Shore is home to the most beautiful of St John Beaches. We will concentrate on those for a beach wedding venues.

    Most of St John consist of a national park and while all the beaches we have indicated on our map are along that shore. The distances of each is something that should be taken in to consideration if planning a wedding on them.

    Distance should not be given or received as the crow flies. The roads of St John are very steep and narrow. Often being traversed by wild donkeys and deer. Distance should be valued as in the time it takes to go from one area to another.   For example to go from the ferry terminal in Cruz Bay to Francis Bay beach the most distant beach would take approx 25 min. We have placed a maker for the Terminal within the map

    The time to travel to Hawksnest beach would take only 10 min and is a very beautiful beach by the way.

    The time of year, number of cruise ships in port both on St Thomas and St John would need to be considered when picking a perfect beach wedding venue. There are several cruise ship excursions coming from St Thomas.

    Hopefully the map below will give you some insight. It also always advisable to get the best beach suggestions from your photographer and wedding planner if applicable.

    If interested in seeing more beautiful images or tropical wall art visit our resident photographer

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