St Thomas U S Virgin Islands Beaches

      Stayed tune for more maps of St Thomas

    While there are more St Thomas Beaches, we are focusing on the best beach Wedding venues.

    Selecting a beach for a wedding venue can be a bit tricky. Always ask your photographer or wedding planners for suggestions. However if you are planning  a destination wedding as a DIY I hope this map helps.

    We have added the two cruise ship ports in addition to the courthouse to this map.  This should give you an idea of travel time and transportation.  As noted on the map. Do not base travel time on distance only. St Thomas is situated on the side of a mountain. Winding, narrow roads in addition to traffic will all add to travel time.

    Couple of questions to ask are while looking at St Thomas Beaches for a beach wedding:

    • How many cruise ships are in port?
    • What time of day is best for photography?
    • How Sandy?
    • How much time to get from point A to B? To meet schedule of departure if on a cruise ship.
    • Should I have transportation wait or can I catch a ride back after ceremony? Taxi Stand with available taxis.


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    St Thomas Beaches


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