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    Wedding Flowers on St Thomas VI

    Our vendors supply the freshest wedding flowers for St. Thomas weddings or St. John weddings in the Virgin Islands.

    Hand held bridal bouquet of wedding flowers

    Roses, orchids and hydrangeas oh my!

    Wedding flowers in every size and color for all St. Thomas weddings , St. John weddings and all of the Virgin Islands.

    Imported Fresh every day our Do it yourself St Thomas destination wedding guide can tell you what to expect and how to get them in time for your wedding ceremony.


    Getting married or planning another very special event? You need to find a florist who understands that your flowers should be as unique as you are.

    The vendors we have used for the past 15 years are dependable and consistent with making wedding flowers and bouquets and decorations beautiful.

    Did you know that before the use of flowers in the bridal bouquet, women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs, and grains to drive evil spirits away as they walked down the aisle?

    Now it is flowers that, symboliz fertility and everlasting love.

    Specific flowers have special meanings in many cultures. In Hawaii, the bride and groom wear leis; newlyweds in India don floral headdresses.

    The wedding bouquet and veil both originated as ways for the bride to ward off evil.

    It was really the Victorians who popularized the tradition. In Roman times the bride and groom would be garlanded and later in the middle ages,children would scatter flowers or petals in front of the bride as she left the church. Even today bridal attendants are often referred to as ‘flower girls ‘ !

    Roses for a bridal bouqet

    Just a touch of blue!

    Our Do it yourself St Thomas destination wedding directory understands and will make sure your wedding flowers are created from stunning wedding flowers for you and your bridal party, wedding venue and reception.

    Flowers for St. Thomas weddings and St. John weddings, are flown each day,making your wedding as beautiful as you dreamed of.

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    Picking a florist, can be based on location or equipment needed (arches etc) for celebration. In addition to any special request that you may have. Like the officiate , picking a florist is all in the communication.

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