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    St Thomas Caterers for Wedding and Special Events

    Don’t limit your search to business location . Often times St Thomas caterers will and do travel between islands and to your location.

    Not all weddings have a one-size-fits-all solution for a budget wedding which include reception and catering. As a result Wedding caterers are prepared to offer you several menus or suggestions for your wedding reception.

    It is important that the caterer you select is a good match. Because then you feel that you are getting value for food and drink. Which results in lower stress levels on your wedding day.

    Excellence of food and presentation is something a caterer bases their business on.




    St Thomas caterers for wedding receptions

    Plan a wedding reception or event with a St Thomas caterers selected out of Custom Beach Wedding Directory

    St Thomas Caterers

    • Formal sit down dinner
    • Relaxed BBQ
    • Buffet
    • Cocktails and appetizers on the beach or on the deck.
    • Cooler of beer and wine on the beach.
    • Wedding cake and champagne toast served on the beach.

    That is the beauty of planning your own wedding.  With the information supplied you will be able to make decisions.

    Safe in the knowledge that each vendor listed is a professional trusted one.

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