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 St Thomas and St John wedding information DIY Guide and vendor directory.

This Virgin Island guide or wedding  directory will supply you with vendors, advice and wedding ideas.

On tropical St Thomas, for past 15 years, Custom Beach Weddings has helped brides and grooms navigate the process of creating their dream destination wedding on this tranquil island.

This directory will make it easy and stress free to have a destination wedding on St Thomas or St John  in the United States Virgin Islands.

Every vendor located within this directory has the knowledge and experience to make your wedding day a happy, fun wonderful experience.

destination wedding.

Palm trees, blue water, white beaches. Call one our vendors today to have your destination wedding.

Without any more time let me Introduce you to St Thomas, St John wedding directory.

Whether you choose to be married on a secluded beach, aboard a private yacht, or at a luxury resort or villa, filing the necessary paperwork is easy and we can show you how or do it for you.

There are two applications that need to be filled out.

If either the bride or groom has been married before, the document from their last marriage must accompany the applications when sending them to the courthouse.

For example, if you are widowed or divorced, you must send a certified copy of the death certificate or divorce decree with the marriage applications.  What is a certified copy you ask?  Well, your documents must have a raised seal or colored stamp on them.  They must be signed by a Judge.  They cannot be copies without a raised seal or colored stamp they will not be accepted at the courthouse.

That’s all for the  applying of a marriage license, two applications and documents from last marriage if applicable and a certified check or money order for $200.00. These are filed at the courthouse no less than eight business days prior to wedding.

After filing and prior to the wedding, each Bride and Groom when arriving on island, must make a trip to the courthouse.  A 15 min taxi ride from either cruise ship dock.

You must  pick up your marriage license in person. It can be the same day of the wedding or earlier in the week.

You will need a picture ID, such as a state-issued Driver’s License.  No passport is needed to have a St Thomas wedding, however they can be used for the id.

St Thomas Superior courthouse does have a dress code, please check here for appropriate attire.

No bare shoulders even in wedding dresses, no shorts, tank tops.

Now it gets a bit tricky here. At times the St Thomas courthouse is closed  for national and island celebration holidays.  Some of which you may not celebrate in your home state.

But for an additional fee of $150.00, they are also open on some weekends and holidays too.  This is important because you have to pick up your marriage license in person.  Picture id is needed.

If your cruise ship arrives on a weekend or one of the designated holidays.

There is an additional fee of $150.00. Which must be paid with money order or certified check. For a bit more information look here.

Once you are in the courthouse the process is fast.  You are greeted at the desk, and asked your name and for identification. They will find your file, have you fill out the ledger and raise your right hand.  Now swear you are, who you say you are.

The whole process generally takes 10 to 15 minutes.

You are then given an envelope with the marriage license which is then given to your wedding officiant.

After the ceremony, the Officiant signs the license, the witnesses sign and the officiant then takes it back to the courthouse to be filed and documented in the records.

Most officiants then mail you a copy of a certified marriage license.

After the Officiant the witnesses sign the Marriage license.

Things to remember.

St Thomas is a beautiful tropical island, 32 square miles, 13 mile long and about 3 miles wide.

St John is a bit more remote but every bit as beautiful and tropical. 20 square miles, 7 miles long.

Both are steeped  in history and culture, They are not the U S.

Belonging to the United States as a Territory.

You will find cultural differences and customs here that differ from any state.  That is the beauty of it.

Speaking of beauty, the different shades of tropical color from sky to water are breath taking and visually challenging at times.  Ask your Photographer about locations and timing of your ceremony to capture the pure tropical colors.

If you are thinking of a destination wedding you have come to the right place.

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