Getting around St Thomas and St John.

Getting around ST Thomas and ST John.

The open air taxi’s often called safari buses, is a truck that has been outfitted with bench seating in the back. It is open air but covered. They are not A/C , but fun. These buses often can hold up to 27 passengers.
• Jimmy Boulie – (340) 998-1380 cell, 340-998-7007. Jimmy having been born and raised on St. Thomas, is very personable, flexible and can supply multiple buses if needed.Tell Jimmy you saw him on Custom Wedding Directory.

Air Port, Cruise Ship pick up available.

St Thomas Taxi.
Getting around the island of St Thomas Jimmy Boulie – (340) 998-1380 cell, 340-998-7007.

St Thomas an island located in the Caribbean sea is one of the four islands of the U.S Virgin Islands.

St Thomas is a tourism and destination wedding location along with, the other three Virgin Islands being St. Croix, St. John and Water Island.

Around 1500 BC  the Ciboney people originally settled the island of St Thomas was

Both St Thomas and St John are tourism and destination wedding locations.

For the Virgin Islands tourism ,destination wedding are the main industry on both islands.

You can have a St.Thomas Weddings while Surrounded by the Caribbean sea on one side and the Atlantic ocean on the other.
St Thomas has one of the best natural harbors in the world, making it a natural cruise ship port.
Weddings on St.Thomas being performed on a daily basis form a large portion of the tourism .

Either from Cruise ship wedding passengers who long for the white sands and crystal blue water.
or guest from the many hotels.

St John

Whether you are a Hotel guest wanting to get away from the busy hotel beaches and get married on a secluded beach or a passenger from a cruise ship just in port for a few hours.  The beaches are breathtaking.  Our vendor list will help sort through all of the information located on the internet, from friends and family and from other vendors.

If arriving via cruise ship and plan to take one of the Taxi’s waiting at the cruise ship dock. Remember they have routs they follow and do not leave the dock, until they have enough passengers on board. This means that if two people get on and want a ride to a beach for a scheduled wedding, the taxi does not leave until more people have the same destination. Wait time anywhere from 2 to 20 min. So if you have an Officiate or vendor waiting at the beach for you. You may ending up paying for their wait time or miss them entirely.

Privately arrange taxis will meet you at the dock take you to destination, wait for you, then return.

We do not receive compensation from the taxi companies or any vendors listed here. So when I say go with a private driver and make arrangements prior to the wedding day. I am saying it for to say you stress and unnecessary complications.

When contacting one of these drivers keep in mind they work most days. Cannot talk on cell phone while driving. However you can text them or leave a message.

To be honest texting always worked the best for me. They are very reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy.