Marriage license information for the US Virgin Islands

    U S Virgin Islands weddings applications.

    Getting a marriage license and wedding applications for a St Thomas or ST John can sound confusing but our wedding guide will walk you through it.

    Planning stress free Virgin Island beach weddings,is one of the greatest pleasures in life and you can make it happen.

    You just have to keep in mind that St Thomas and St John are a territory of the the United States.

    The difference is in the culture, island time and modern conveniences taken for granted in the U.S.

    Planning a Virgin Island beach wedding on St. Thomas or St John is a truly once in a lifetime dream. White sandy beaches, turquoise clear water and beautiful sunny days, are elements supplied by Mother Nature for your tropical island ceremony.

    Marriage license

    After the Officiant the witnesses sign the Marriage license.

    However we know that planning a wedding from a distance can be stressful.  If you have the opportunity to get married in the U.S. Virgin Islands while on a cruise ship or vacationing here.

    You will need a

    • Marriage license,
    • 2 witnesses
    •  Officiate.

    Bottom line it can be that simple.

    However getting all the information together can make it seem like a Hugh undertaking.

    Read information below to find out every thing needed to get a marriage license.

    Marriage License and wedding applications

    St Thomas and St John as with all Caribbean islands, have local holidays that are not celebrated in the U.S.

    If your ship arrives on a weekend or a Holiday either a Virgin Islands local or a U.S. legal holiday.

    The courthouse located on St Thomas may not be open and you will not be able to get marriage license.

    you can still have beach wedding ceremony but it will not be legal.

    Sound complicated?  It can be, But  find all the information in this directory one handy location.

    Get links, details and venue information for your wedding day on this site.

    Step One:

    Call the courthouse on St. Thomas and advise them of the date and time you will be arriving.

    This will verify if your date is on a holiday. Very important due to the large number of holidays on ST Thomas.

    St. Thomas Courthouse – (340) 774-6680 extension 6207 or ask for the Marriage License Department.

    The St. Thomas Courthouse is closed at times for national and island celebration holidays, some of which you may not celebrate in your home state. Some of these holidays and most weekend pick up of marriage licenses by bridal couples incur an additional fee of $150.00.

    If arriving via cruise ship this is important. If  staying at a hotel and can schedule your pickup around a holiday, there is no issue. Check with the courthouse before planning your wedding date. To give you an example of holidays celebrated on St. Thomas, see the list below. Do not count on this list as some of the dates change from year to year

    Visit the official Virgin Islands Court site for up to date information about your marriage marriage license.

    Public Holidays:

    January 1st- New Year’s Day

    Three Kings Day Third Monday in January –

    Martin Luther King Day Third Monday in February –

    Presidents’ Day March 31

    Transfer Day March or April –

    Easter Week: Holy Thursday / Thursday before Easter Good Friday / Friday before Easter, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday

    April through early May – Carnival (check with courthouse for specific dates)

    Last Monday in May – Memorial Day

    July 3rd- Emancipation Day

    July 4th – Independence Day

    First Monday in September – Labor Day

    Second Monday in October – Columbus Day

    November 1st – Liberty Day

    November 11th & 12th – Veterans Day

    Fourth Thursday in November – Thanksgiving

    December 24th – Christmas Eve December 25th – Christmas Day December 26th – Boxing Day December 31st –

    New Year’s Eve ( typically opened 8am to noon )

    Step Two:

    Fill out both applications: Application for Marriage License and Certificate of Marriage.

    All marriage licenses must be typed or printed very legible in black ink and completed in their entirety.

    If either the bride or groom has been married before, the documentation from their last marriage must accompany the applications when sending them to the courthouse.

    For example, if you are widowed or divorced, you must send a certified copy of the death certificate or divorce decree, along with the marriage applications.

    What is a certified copy you ask? Well, your previous marriage documents must have a raised seal or colored stamp on them, in addition to being signed by a judge. They cannot be copies without a raised seal or colored stamp as they will not be accepted at the courthouse.

    Step Three :

    Create a letter detailing the dates of your visit and ceremony.

    Include the date and time you plan on picking up the marriage license.

    Mail the letter, two applications and documentation from last marriage, if applicable, with a certified check or money order for $200.00, if not a holiday or weekend pick up. Send an additional $150.00 via certified check or money order if the courthouse has determined that you are picking up the marriage license on a holiday or weekend.

    All of the documents and checks should be filed at the courthouse no less than eight (8) business days prior to your wedding.

    • Mail the letter, certified check, applications and prior marriage documents (if applicable) via Priority Mail to: Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
    • P.O. Box 70 St. Thomas,
    • USVI 00804.

    Overnight express or Fed Express:

    • Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
    • 5400 Veterans Drive St. Thomas,
    • USVI 00802

    Call the courthouse to confirm delivery.

    Upon Arriving on St.Thomas

    Prior to the wedding, each Bride and Groom, when arriving on island , must make a trip to the courthouse in person to pick up their marriage license, a 15-minute taxi ride from either cruise ship dock.

    A picture ID such as a state-issued driver’s license or a passport is required.

    However U S passports are not required to have a St. Thomas wedding they can be used for picture id.

    The St. Thomas Superior Courthouse does have a dress code.

    When visiting the courthouse business casual attire is required;

    St Thomas courthouse attire sign

    This is the sign out side of the St Thomas Superior Court House.

    no shorts, sundresses, tank tops or wedding dresses with shoulders bare.

    My advice is to bring a shawl or light jacket to cover your shoulders.

    Once you are in the courthouse:

    The process is fast:

    • The front desk clerks will be at the desk and asked for your name and picture identification.
    • They will locate your file and have both of you sign the ledger.
    • You will then each raise your right hand and swear you are who you say you are.
    • The whole process generally takes 10 to 15 minutes.
    • The court clerk will supply you with an envelope containing the marriage license which should go to the wedding officiant.

    Officiate, along with the witnesses sign the license after the ceremony.

    Finally the license is filed by the officiate at the courthouse.

    Most officiants then mail you a copy of a certified marriage license. Clarify this with your officiant before the ceremony.

    Ask when to expect your marriage licenset and how many you get. I have found that couples should ask for at least three certified copies. Using them for name change, social security , insurance and driver license.

    Not all request certified, it varies from state to state but requesting more after the fact is very time consuming and may take island months.

    Hint: When under time restraints, I have made arrangements with the couple to perform ceremony first. Then made trip to courthouse with the wedding couple. Upon receiving documents at the courthouse, we then signed and completed all legal requirements.

    This is a doable process and legal however it does require the officiate to be with you and may require additional fees.

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