Virgin Islands Beach weddings and Receptions

    After the hurricanes of Maria and Irma should bridal couples even consider the Virgin Islands Beach Weddings and Reception?

    Well my answer is yes and no.  Beach weddings and receptions to begin with are not for everyone.  It takes a bride and groom who enjoys the out doors. Sea trade winds and gulls flying overhead. Maybe barefoot and sun kissed.

    If you are dreaming of guest wearing black tie, special high heels, big halls, lavish and formal wedding ceremony.

    with a reception that includes a 10 course meal and a two day reception.

    Then my answer would be No.

    As you fly over St Thomas to land at the airport. There is a vast array of blue tarps over most of the roofs.  Thanks to twin hurricanes Irma and Maria of 2017. Right now tiles and labor to repair roofs are at a premium.

    With that in mind and with the knowledge that the larger hotels are closed until 2019. I would say wait until one of the larger hotels open.

    But if you want tropical romance now!

    Toes in the sand,Deep blue Skies, turquoise water and bright white sandy beaches.

    Keep reading. Right now I am giving you the lowdown on a beautiful once in a life time destination wedding and reception.

    All within U S territory.

    At present this page is about St Thomas weddings and receptions  but St John is in the coming update, so stay tuned.

    On St Thomas, the large hotels such as the Marriott Frenchman’s reef or the Ritz are closed until 2019 or maybe longer.

    But the smaller hotels Secret Harbor and Emerald Beach are open. What is exciting about that? Those are the very hotels that a lot of my wedding couples used for weddings and or receptions.

    My first choice for your wedding ceremony and celebration.

    First choice is combining Secret Harbor hotel for wedding ceremony with the Sunset Grille for reception and you have it made.

    Both are located on the same beach and have wonderful views. Both give and have good service.

    Secret Harbour wedding venue location

    Secret Harbour Bride and wedding venue location


    Sunset Grille has wonderful food and I have used them for both formal and informal weddings.

    The reception at Sunset Grille can be a private setting.  Covered open walled room with tropical view of the ocean.

    They will decorate to your theme.  Either you can have a wedding planner involved with the ceremony or reception or the event planner at Secret Harbor is great to work with.

    2nd favorite for virgin-islands beach weddings reception menu

    My next choice is Emerald Beach is also situated on a beautiful beach.  It sometimes is not looked at from a tourist point of view due to its location to the airport.   But let me tell you, I have done several wedding ceremonies and never had an issue with jets flying over.  In fact St Thomas airport is small and the flights going in or out are not noticeable or very often.

    Emerald Beach Wedding

    Emerald Beach Hotel St Thomas wedding

    The hotel is within walking distance of Charlotte Amalie which is nice.  But then again always plan wedding ceremonies either at sunset or low cruise ship days if possible.  When arriving on a cruise ship try to keep the wedding before or after high noon.

    Emerald Beach is the one place where you can have a ceremony and celebration without the major cost of transportation taking up most of the budget if arriving via cruise ship.


    Emerald Beach does have inside banquet rooms. But I always opted for bridal coupes to get the outside deck, right on the beach or around the pool.  Either way you will be awarded with colorful  sunsets and beautiful scenery.

    Emerald Beach Reception Venue

    Deck at Emerald Beach For wedding receptions

    Things to watch for are time of day of wedding and cruise ship schedule.

    Because both Emerald Beach and Secret Harbor can get busy on a high cruise ship day and having a ceremony among bikini clad beach goers is not always a bridal couples dream come true.  Planning a sunset wedding is always a good choice.  Cruise ships are gone and beach becomes mostly empty..

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