Beach Weddings

St. Thomas Custom Beach weddings

Arriving via cruise ship or staying at hotel or villa on St. Thomas. Beach weddings are a tropical, romantic, stress free way to celebrate love.

Custom Beach wedding can help match your destination wedding with a venue that will fit the day, week, month of any date and time.

Not all locations are good for every day of the week.  In the tropics you will find that trade winds, tides and location of the sun should  be taken into account when picking out a venue.  Especially for beach weddings.

Also local holidays were always taken into consideration when planning  beach weddings.   We have all the holidays covered and can you give alternative locations if your first choice is a not going to work.

Luckily we here on St Thomas have many major beaches along our sun-drenched coasts that provide the perfect beach wedding location.

With the information on this directory, you will get:

Details on how to plan an Renewal, Elopement or intimate Custom beach wedding ceremony.

In it we detail ;

  • Contracting for an officiate
  • Island transportation
  • Music if desired
  • Flowers for your wedding day
  • Best locations and times for your ceremony.
  • How to apply for marriage license
  • Directions to courthouse and what to expect once you get there.
  • Best time of year and worse time of year.
  • Hints on how to have a perfect wedding day planned by you.

Let our imagination guide you, don’t limit yourself on your  wedding day.

  •  We will supply you with information to get the applications for your marriage, instruction on how to fill out and send them to the courthouse to be processed.
  • We will also discuss the difference between certifications, stamps and copies of documents.
  • Start your wedding day with information to have our licensed and insured driver  waiting  at the cruise ship gate (or your hotel) to pick up bridal couple and guest.
  • First Stop the courthouse to pick up marriage license as required by law.  (Don’t forget your picture ID.)
  • Next on to a romantic ceremony at waters edge.

Below is an example of a Custom Beach Wedding package .

• U.S. licensed Wedding Officiate picked by you will be waiting at the beach.
• A bouquet of your favorite colored flowers either delivered or ready for you to pick up .
• Chairs to make your guest comfortable (optional )
• The officiate will also process your marriage certificate after the ceremony and send them to your home.
• **Same day -Round Trip transportation for Bride and Groom: To Court House, to ceremony and back to Ship or bridal couple’s hotel.
• St. Thomas wedding location.
• Add  family members and friends as guest.

we also supply you with trusted and favorite vendors to choose from to make your beach wedding safe, happy and fun.

That is the beauty of planning your own beach wedding.  With the information supplied you will be able to make decisions. Safe in the knowledge that each vendor listed is a professional trusted one.

Even if you hire a wedding planner, this guide will help you understand what to ask for and what to expect.

Remember it is sometime economical to take care of what you can on your own.   Then have a wedding planner to coordinate your beach wedding day.