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    These are the questions? What are Virgin Island Wedding packages and who has them on St Thomas or on St John?

    What is the definition of a wedding package from the businesses end?

    Is it better to go ala-carte or DIY  instead of a wedding planner?

    Beach Wedding packages information

    Destination beach wedding .Information for Virgin Islands wedding packages.


    Right Here are the answers.

    Find the 11 items every Virgin Island Wedding should have.

    A Wedding Package created to fit your budget is not an easy task. It should contain basically everything you could possibly need.  The famous term of a” champagne taste with a  Beer budget wedding” is not  far from the reality for today’s destination wedding couples.

    It takes planning and cooperation between the bridal couple, the wedding planner and the vendors included.

    So wedding couples often start out with one list of what they want in a beach wedding and end up with another completely different one.

    Wedding planners are usually the package creators find the St Thomas planners or St John planners.

    You can find basic wedding packages for as low as $295.00 or one with all the bells and whistles for thousands of dollars.

    I have found it to the bridal couples advantage to visit several wedding planners websites that publish packages to get an idea of price range.

    Find what’s the difference between a published wedding package and a created as you go wedding package?

    Wedding planners often employ vendors that they have a good working relationship with.  They need to be able to rely on that vendor and know that the job will get done.  In order to retain the same vendors wedding planners often promise them a certain number of wedding for a set rate.  Therefore they can make packages rates attractive to bridal couples.

    That can be good or maybe not so good for the couple.

    If the planner is flexible and willing to change packages items to either add or discard items. Then that is good.

    However if you find a package that contains several item not wanted. Then it would be better to compare to a ala-cart wedding.

    Just remember that along with packages comes often comes less stress.

    Questions about:

    Custom Beach Weddings does not do wedding planning or offer services to do your beach wedding.  We did at one time but now we are a wedding directory and information guide.  We have taken all our knowledge and planted it right here on this website.

    Do you know the difference between a wedding planner and an officiate?

    A wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning and management of a client’s wedding. Wikipedia

    marriage officiant, solemniser, or “vow master” is a person who officiates at a wedding ceremony. Wikipedia

    However you can find officiants that are also planners depending on the size of your wedding.

    Years of performing weddings, working with bride and grooms, creating wedding packages and doing the professional photography has made this website possible. I hope you find it a service to you as a wedding couple looking for destination wedding information.

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