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    Hints for finding wedding dresses.

    Most girls dream about walking down the wedding aisle at some time in their life. The dream is usually a vision of them floating on a cloud of lace and satin in a beautiful elegant wedding dress. They dream of wedding dresses.

    What would be a perfect wedding dress?

    Take it from me, finding the wedding gown of your dreams is not always easy. Sure I know there are a gazillions of designers and multiple locations to find wedding dresses. Too many are stores that offer high end dresses. For some brides that is great but for the majority of brides in this economy it  is creating a dilemma in finding wedding dresses that look beautiful but stays within their budget.

    Newly retired I am now taking time to help, I hope, in making it a bit easier to have the destination wedding of your dreams yet stay with in budget. This website Beach Weddings by Deb is converting from wedding planning to a destination wedding advise site and hopefully helping you plan your special day.

    Too many times over the past 20 years have I had brides calling me upset because they could not afford a certain component that they really wanted for their tropical wedding day.

    Whether it was special wine for the reception or live music for the ceremony. There are sooo many elements to a destination wedding. Some of which the bride unknowingly never budgeted for.

    The first step we did was to review their wedding budget from beginning to end. Sometimes taking hours to find what could be changed, omitted or adjusted to make everything fit.

    The first item generally that popped up was the wedding dress. Initially it never occurred to them  how much a boutique wedding dress cost. They would start the budget with the dress leaving little of the budget left for the events of the day.

    I will tell you a secret that we came up with.

    Hope this helps you too.

    More than 5 times out of ten my brides choose this solution. Without ever telling anyone.

    In my opinion the definition for Wedding Dresses :

    Beautiful, sexy, comfortable and within your budget, also equals the perfect wedding.

    Remember keep an open mind looking at wedding dresses.

    Here it is…..Ta da!

    Amazon. Yep you read it right. Amazon.

    Most brides had an idea of what style of dress they wanted. We would start looking and guess what?

    That style would be on Amazon. Next we looked at reviews, checked to see if they could be ordered and returned if not the right fit.

    I had more than a few brides decide that it just made sense. They could not justify spending money for a wedding dress that  would be worn for three hours and may or may not trashed at a beach wedding.

    Their main concern was it had to look beautiful, make them feel beautiful and not cost an arm and a leg. In other words a perfect wedding dress.

    That justification opened up more of their budget for events of the ceremony or for the reception.

    This happened so many times that after retiring, I became an affiliate for Amazon. We do not get a lot from our referrals but it does help support this site.

    Here are some tips compiled that will help in making a wedding dress selection.

    You will also find examples of wedding dresses, beach wedding dresses and links from Amazon.

    1. Be realistic about budget and money: A wedding dress should be fabulous on you and match your personality but should not break the bank. Keep in mind that trashing the beach wedding dress is fun! It makes for some great wedding images. You might want to consider the cost of your wedding dress if it is something you would like to do.
    2. Remember the time of year and location of your wedding ceremony: If you have always dreamed of a full wedding ball gown with a long train. I have to tell you it will not work on a sandy beach full of twigs and shells. There are wedding dresses for the formal and smaller intimate weddings just choose accordingly.
    3. Focus on the weight of the dress if having a destination wedding.:If you have to transport the wedding dress to another country or location take in account airline regulations for carry on. Check with your airline for advise.
    4. Reality check: Even on your special day, if having a beach wedding or destination wedding, you will still need to focus on ease of getting in and out of the gown and using the restrooms, sitting in the limo or transportation, comfortably.
    5. Finding a wedding-worthy dress: Determine the best wedding dress silhouette for you. Mermaid or A-line. Shoulder less or cap sleeves.
    6. Details: Decide if you are going to walk in shoes or go barefoot if having a beach wedding. Most beach weddings do not accommodate heels. Sand and heels just don’t mix well together. Does the length of your dress allow you to do walk in flip flops or barefoot down the aisle and with shoes when at reception.
    7. Finally: Make a choice on what you envision for your wedding day. Chic, traditional, vintage or modern. This is your day and your choice. Take your time, try on gowns and have fun.

    These are from Amazon. I have had more than a few of my brides tell me about their selection and buying from them.



    Also don’t forget the Groom has to wear something too! Check out our Groom wedding attire to find some great destination wedding apparel.



    Also don’t forget the Groom has to wear something too! Check out our Groom wedding attire to find some great destination wedding apparel.

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